The Careers by Colour app hosts the curated content of the six colour-coded career categories featured at formal Careers by Colour career guidance centres. The aim of the app is not to emulate the in-person experience of a career centre, but to create an abstracted, value-adding generic version of the in-person Careers by Colour experience. The Careers by Colour app enables users to participate in a personalised five-step career decision making process:

Step 1


The user completes a validated self-assessment questionnaire and creates a personal interest profile

Step 2

Identify and research options

The outcomes of the interest assessment assign the user to the three colour-coded career categories best matched to his or her profile and provide users with access to relevant informative career video clips

Step 3

Evaluate and prioritise

It is important for users to firstly do a reality check for each career category that they explore. They must carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of the different careers in each category and evaluate how the careers potentially match their interests, personalities and personal expectations 

Step 4

Take action and explore relevant career options 

The app provides users with access to informative video clips and enables them to explore the individual careers available in each of the career categories

Step 5

Reflect and re-evaluate

Users have access to their app results for a period of twelve months. During this period they will also have access to the information provided in step two

Careers by Colour is trademarked and all intellectual property of this app belongs to Careers by Colour (Pty) Ltd