The Careers by colour APP

Broadening the career guidance scope for the SA youth

The Careers by Colour web-based app was created as a natural extension of the career guidance service portfolio of Careers by Colour Pty Ltd. The app was developed to bring career guidance to school learners and other young individuals who do not otherwise have access to professional career guidance services. The app exposes users to advanced technology-based self-assessment tools and exciting, ultra-creative career guidance content.

By completing an interactive self-assessment questionnaire as part of the app experience, users are guided to identify the key elements of career path development such as interests, skills, goals and values. The app provides users with a personal interest profile which is linked to one of six colour-coded career categories.

The user have the opportunity to explore the career categories most suited to his or her personal profile. Each category contains career descriptions and relevant video clips to help guide the user to informed career path development. The Careers by Colour concept represents a new modern approach to career guidance and is an innovative and enjoyable way to prepare young individuals for the world of work.

How the Careers by Colour APP works

The Careers by Colour app hosts the curated content of the colour-coded career categories featured at formal Careers by Colour career guidance centres. The aim of the app is not to emulate the in-person experience of a career centre, but to create an abstracted, value-adding generic version of the in-person Careers by Colour experience. The Careers by Colour app enables users to participate in a personalised career decision making process:

Step 1


The user completes a validated self-assessment questionnaire and creates a personal interest profile.

Step 2

Personal interest profile

The outcomes of the interest assessment assign the user to the three colour-coded career categories best matched to his or her profile.  

Step 3

Explore relevant career options 

The app provides users with access to informative video clips and enables them to explore the individual careers available in each of the career categories.

Step 4


The user’s personal results of the interest questionnaire are mailed. Users have access to their app results for a period of twelve months. During this period they will also have access to the information provided in step two.

Careers by Colour is trademarked and all intellectual property of this app belongs to Careers by Colour (Pty) Ltd

Useful links

The National Career Advice Portal is an online self-help tool by the Department of Higher Education and Training designed to facilitate informed career and study decisions. 

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